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Interview with physicist and DJ Martin Archer

by Eva Amsen

By day, Martin Archer is a PhD student in space plasma physics. By night, he entertains Londoners as a DJ for the radio station Kiss 100. Those may sound like two entirely unrelated pursuits, but Martin is now combining both his science and music careers in an upcoming project called DJ Physics, in collaboration with the Royal Institution. We talked about that, as well as his podcast “Droppin Science” in this interview:


I stupidly forgot to wear headphones when I recorded the interview over Skype (after using digital audio recorders for the previous four interviews), and had to remove alternate channels to get rid of the echo. Sorry ’bout that. To make up for it, here’s a YouTube video of Martin using Wii controllers for club DJ-ing. It’s rather awesome. (And the video contains headphones! I know, it’s not the same…)


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