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Cat on a hot tin MacBook

by Eva Amsen

NOTE: These are not my cats and macbooks – they are Cath’s. This was a complicated April Fool’s prank based on the fact that people sometimes mix us up. My post is on her blog.
Things are ramping up to crazy levels again, at work and elsewhere. Deadlines, side-projects, taxes (I actually managed to file weeks before the actual Canada Revenue deadline, for once!), the final weeks of the NHL, blogging, and trying to keep up with the twists and turns of the Canadian election campaign – no wonder I feel like I never have any time to play my guitar!
The extra load means bringing work home more often than usual.

Two Macs are better than one! I use one for playing music and other frivolities, and the other for work.

I’m actually really productive when working from home. I can play music through proper speakers rather than through headphones, make a pot of tea instead of just a cup, and escape from the background noise and interruptions that run rampant at the office.

Oh, and I get to hang out with my cats!

They like it when I work from home. They’re very social beasts. And they are determined not to meet the same fate as my poor neglected guitar.

macbooks cat
If guitars could do this, they might get more attention!

And when there’s no cat on my lap or my laptop, you can be sure there’s one sitting on whatever pieces of paper I’m trying to consult!

The one time I’ve needed to consult it for YEARS… and there’s a cat on it!

Right – just a few more weeks to fit everything into before my triumphant return to York. I’d better consult Google to see what’s new in town!


Oops, sorry – cat-like typing has been detected AGAIN.


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Benoit Bruneau April 1, 2011 - 3:21 PM

 Revenue Canada, my arch-nemesis! Oh do I have a story. But no, guitars! Yes, they get neglected over here too. Arrgh. Too much to deal with. Good luck.

Richard Wintle April 1, 2011 - 3:49 PM

BUSTED! Saw this posted over at OT… 😉

Also, nice cat. And MacBook.

Cath Ennis April 1, 2011 - 4:39 PM

 nice cat. And MacBook.

I was just thinking the same thing!

Eva Amsen April 2, 2011 - 7:22 PM

My own macbooks are not as nice.


I had a longer comment, but I had to sign in again, and my macbook refused to paste the thing I just copied, proving its point that it sucks. Sometimes the keys don’t work. I don’t know. It’s old.

Cath Ennis April 4, 2011 - 2:56 AM

 Yes, but your thesis is a nicer colour.

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