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Are there science-themed covers of all of Lady Gaga’s songs?

by Eva Amsen

I assume you’re familiar with “Bad Project”, the cover of “Bad Romance”? You must be. It’s had millions of views. Millions!

And you may also have seen the video for “Poster Face”, which debuted at last year’s Society for Neuroscience meeting:

But have you come across “Chromosome” – a parody of “Telephone”?

Or how about “Phosphorylated this way”, a song inspired by a JCB paper on cyclin-depent kinases, and set to the tune of “Born this way”?

What’s next, I wondered. Has someone covered “Alejandro” and made it about “Avogadro” yet? Yes, that has been done. There are two videos on YouTube with that theme, and both are kind of terrible, so you can look for them yourself if you really want to see them. However, I could not find “Paparazzi” covered to make it about Okazaki fragments, so that route is still open. In fact, I couldn’t find any science-themed Paparazzi covers, which seems unlikely, considering there are about a gazillion different lab-related covers of “Bad Romance”.
Hm. So it appears the answer is no – there are NOT science-themed covers of ALL of Lady Gaga’s songs. But we’re nearly there…

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Laura Wheeler June 2, 2011 - 6:53 PM

Haha this is great! I was indeed familiar with the bad lab project, but the chromosome telephone project has made my day!!!

Tej Nishtala June 6, 2011 - 11:12 AM

Thanks for the additions Eva,  didn’t knew there are other parodies too!!!

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