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Science Showoff – my talk!

by Eva Amsen

Here (at the bottom of this post) is the full talk I gave at Science Showoff on December 7. I spoke about scientists who are also musicians, like Borodin.

Notice how I neatly kept it within the allotted 9 minutes! I did cut out about three words where I was bumbling a bit, but otherwise this is the full thing. For quality purposes, I edited the original audio files in rather than the recording of them being played over the PA system.

To understand the groans at the mention of chemistry, and my toast comment, you need to know that at the start of the evening compere Steve Cross did an extensive joke about how all the Royal Society of Chemistry’s press releases are about toast rather than about chemistry. (Case in point: the toast sandwich.)

Here’s the talk:

I was also a prop/”volunteer” in Rob Wells’ set that night, playing the part of the Hubble Telescope, and I appear to have also won the exam that was passed around during Tom Whyntie’s set (assignment: make art using Feynman diagrams) so it was a busy (and fun!) evening.

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notnicolajames January 13, 2012 - 2:01 PM

Hey, maybe you like my science-husband’s collection of songs about science (some of them by scientists): http://scientificbsides.wordpress.com/2012/01/13/mix-tape-best-songs-about-science/
Many greetings from a political scientist 🙂

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