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Lab coat art from my undergrad chemistry days

by Eva Amsen

I studied chemistry for my undergraduate degree, and for our first- and second year labs we had to all have our own lab coat. They were of the kind of material that disintegrates under certain chemicals, but at least protects your clothes from also disintegrating. After a few years of spilling the contents of all the safety cabinets all over it, the lab coats are garbage. You really can’t keep them as memorabilia, because they smell weird and look disgusting.

I did keep part of mine, though, because I spent some time drawing Pooh and Eeyore on it:

lab coat art

Eeyore was on the front pocket, and Pooh on the back.

Whenever I had to reach for something on a high shelf in the lab, I looked exactly liked Pooh on the back of my lab coat, which was incredibly amusing to some people who already liked to make fun of how short I was. (I’m average everywhere else in the world, but was always the shortest or second-shortest in any social group I was in in Holland.)

I found these when I was tidying up this weekend, so I thought I’d photograph them.

They still smell.


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Cath@VWXYNot? October 11, 2012 - 1:14 AM

Extravagantly and preferably colourfully dirty lab coats were seen as a status symbol in every chemistry class I’ve ever taken. Bonus marks for chemical and bunsen burner burn holes.

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