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DWFO – Doctor Who Christmas Carol Suite

by Eva Amsen

The latest piece by the Doctor Who Fan Orchestra (DWFO) went live on YouTube yesterday. It’s a compilation of the music from the very popular Doctor Who Christmas Special from 2010 – a Dickensian story about a planet controlled by a Scrooge-like character, with a shark that hunts in the fog.

The Doctor Who Fan Orchestra is an online community of hundreds of musicians, who participate in recording orchestral adaptations of the music of the new Doctor Who series. All arrangements of Murray Gold’s original compositions are done by Stephen Willis, who sends out parts to people around the world. The musicians practise their parts and record them at home (in high quality audio, and sometimes video as well), after which everything is assembled into a complete orchestral piece.

You can find the video below, and if you look closely, you can spot me in the violin section! I’m in near the beginning, at some point in the middle, and at the very end (doing the final pizzicato note with two other violins.) See my other DWFO posts.


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