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Interview with Brian Wecht

by Eva Amsen

Brian Wecht is a theoretical physicist with a degree in jazz composition, as well as one half of the comedy duo Ninja Sex Party. This is a shortened version of a much longer interview, in which he talks about students recognizing him from YouTube, combining an academic day job with comedy in the evenings, and choosing between a PhD in music and science.

It’s not the first time I’ve uploaded a conversation about theoretical physics and jazz composition, but it is the first interview to also mention American flag underwear and a warehouse full of hipsters.

A Ninja Sex Party video for your entertainment. Wear headphones if you’re at work.

Although science and music are separate parts of Brian’s life, he combines science with the stage in his capacity as co-founder of The Story Collider, where people tell stories about science. We didn’t talk about that in the interview, but it’s awesome and you should check it out.



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