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Etsy Wednesday – soap flasks

by Eva Amsen

Etsy Wednesday logoI know, I know. It’s nice that I brought back Etsy Wednesday – and today I found some fun soap flasks – but am I ever going to blog anything else again? Yes, yes I am. In fact, I’ve been blogging every Tuesday at The Finch and Pea, and also sometimes on my work blog so I definitely did write. But lately I’ve been a bit busy offline. I’m moving to London in a couple of weeks, and I needed to find a flat. I think I finally found one, so now I can start worrying about more important things: which Etsy items would look good in my new flat?

This is fantastic, and I want this for my kitchen to match my test tube spice rack, but the shipping cost to the UK is almost as much as the flask itself, so I need to sleep on this. It’s a refillable soap dispenser made out of a conical flask, and it comes with colourful soap.


The seller, Stinkybomb Soap, sells lots of quirky soap products as well, like baby doll head or cassette tape-shaped hand soaps.


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