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Etsy Wednesday – Sagan and Feynman poster

by Eva Amsen

Etsy Wednesday logoOMG, it’s Etsy Wednesday again, for the first time in…let’s just not count. I have a week off work to catch up on other things in my life, and one of the things on my long list of neglected projects was Etsy Wednesday.

If I check too often, I never see anything new, so the advantage of neglecting Etsy Wednesday for many, many Wednesdays is that I actually found new cool stuff. Look how awesome!

It’s a poster of Carl Sagan and Richard Feynman, with lots of little Feynman diagrams in the background. I was just discussing both men yesterday, so this Sagan and Feynman poster was timely. (But then again, they do come up quite often in conversations with other science geeks.)

Sagan and Feynman

The Sagan and Feynman poster is made by THEARTofLOGANPACK, who also sells lots of scifi and comic book prints.


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