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Epic Doctor Who Fan Orchestra video

by Eva Amsen

The latest Doctor Who Fan Orchestra video is up, with video and audio segments recorded by individual musicians around the world, and it’s even more epic than our last one.

If you want, you can try to spot me (playing violin in front of a “Victory” poster), but here are lots of other things in the video that are much more interesting. Can you find them all?

  • The interior of the actual Tardis set
  • A Dalek playing flute
  • Two violinists handing each other sheet music across different scenes
  • Doctor Who music arranger Ben Foster playing synth
  • A clarinettist playing “Westminster Bridge” on Westminster Bridge
  • A man dressed as Amy Pond
  • A large number of Tardis props and Doctor Who posters (how many?)
  • The Fourth Doctor snacking on what I assume are Jelly Babies
  • One of the soloists singing from the Proms programme booklet
  • A theremin
  • A church organ
  • The Empty Child
  • Several people wearing 3D-glasses (from the Army of Ghosts episode)
  • Fezes, including a fez that is a also a Dalek
  • Footage from the BBC Radiophonic Workshop

What else did you spot?

All of the arrangements for the Doctor Who Fan Orchestra and the audio/video editing were done by Stephen Willis.

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