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Cards Against Humanity Science Expansion Pack

by Eva Amsen

Cards Against Humanity released a science expansion pack recently. Being a fan of science and owner of a Cards Against Humanity game, I obviously had to order this immediately. I justified my impulse purchase as charity, because proceeds for the expansion pack go to the Science Ambassador Scholarship – a scholarship for women in science. (See their press release).
2015-04-07 13.16.57

The cards were co-authored with Phil Plait and Zack Weinersmith (who did the cover art for the pack).

2015-04-07 13.18.52

Each science expansion pack has 23 white cards and 7 black cards.

2015-04-07 13.19.30

They need the original game to work well, but I did find one mildly amusing combination within the expansion pack:

2015-04-07 13.20.27


If you want to play a version of Cards Against Humanity with ONLY science cards, have a look at the grassroots print-your-own Cards Against Science game, for which I’ve written a few cards, including the “We regret to inform you…” black card from the examples on that site. Unlike the expansion pack, Cards Against Science has nothing to do with the official Cards Against Humanity game, but CAH was released under Creative Commons license which means that anyone can make their own version of the game.


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