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Science books on T-shirts and bags!

by Eva Amsen

Litographs is a company that sells T-shirts, tote bags, and posters based on books in the public domain. Each print has an image related to the story, and the “pixels” of the image are formed by letters in the original text. If you look close enough, you can read them!

They don’t just include literary classics, but also a few science classics.

Here’s a close-up and zoomed-out view of Newton’s “Opticks“.

books on T-shirts

Can you recognize these other classic science books? Click each image for the answer – and to buy the product if you want to!

davinci-tee-6_e4fa1ea1-60c0-4645-b15c-e639c633b90f_1024x1024 darwin-3_1024x1024 faraday-tee-6_3f00dea1-8212-4e27-8d57-37decc9a8c0c_1024x1024 haeckel-tote-2_67c90c4e-b7ec-488b-9ede-1001c622bec6_1024x1024


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