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Science and Music survey closes soon!

by Eva Amsen


It’s the final days of the survey about science and music. If you haven’t yet taken it, you can do so here. If you want to know what one lucky survey participant can win, check here. (It’s so much stuff!)

When you diligently click your way through the survey questions, there is also a question asking you if you would like to subscribe to an upcoming sporadic newsletter. Once the first one goes out (in May) I will advertise that a bit better, but I want to avoid people signing up twice and getting too many emails.

The survey is going well: I’ve had over 700 responses so far (more than my target) and although it’s quite self-selective there are some diverse answers. It will take me a while to analyse all the answers, but I had a peak at the “other activities” and the “name a musisci” question, and I can’t wait to show you the results – even if the rest might not be exciting, those answers alone were great!



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