Science on Society6

by Eva Amsen

I’ve been exploring Society6 lately, and started a Science Collection with some of my favourite science-themed art. I’ll be adding more to the collection as I find it, but I’ve also included some of my favourites below. Click any of the images for a better look, and support the artists by buying some of their art!*

 soc6_labgirlLab Girl, by Joan Varitek


Soc6_labratLab Rat, by Dylana R. Pinter

 soc6_toteChemistry Lab Tools, by Andréart


 soc6_pokemonThe Marine Biology of Pokemon, by Louie Zong

I don’t know enough about Pokemon or marine biology to know whether that last print is accurate, but it looks pretty!


(*Disclaimer: These all have a referral link, and if you end up buying anything I’ve linked to, I’ll get a few pennies. It won’t affect how much you pay or how much the artist receives. I selected all of these myself.)


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