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Science kitchen design: Make your kitchen look like a lab

by Eva Amsen

Does your kitchen look like a science lab? Not entirely, perhaps, but you might have the odd item here and there that wouldn’t be out of place in a laboratory: a measuring cup that looks like a beaker, or a slick modern scale that looks like the ones you might find in a lab. And did you know that many science labs use regular kitchen timers to time their experiments? It wouldn’t take much to turn a regular kitchen into a science kitchen.

A number of years ago, I blogged about items that would make your bathroom look like a science lab. Now it’s time to redecorate the kitchen. The kitchen is already kind of like a lab, if you think about it. After all, cooking is just applied chemistry!


science kitchenA look in my science kitchen

In my own kitchen, I now have four “lab” items.

Kitchen timer. My timer is actually a “lab timer” rather than a kitchen timer. I got it at a science conference. Lab timers are no different from regular digital kitchen timers. The only thing that sets them apart is that they have the option to track two times at once – but some kitchen timers can do that too.

Scale. My new kitchen scale is what inspired this post. The previous one I had was mechanical and inaccurate. I wanted a small metal electronic scale. This one looks just like a lab scale! It’s perfect for making science cakes.

Herbs & spices test tube rack. I found mine in a supermarket gift section a few years ago. Most of the spices have since been replaced, but the rack stays. My spice tubes are plastic, but the higher end racks have glass tubes.

Flask. My favourite science kitchen item is this flask from the Pyrex science lab kitchen range. It’s just like a lab flask, but this one is meant to be used in the kitchen!


Equip your own science kitchen!

If you want your own science kitchen materials, they can be hard to find. In regular stores that sell kitchen equipment, you can find maybe one item, but nobody has a full “science” section in their kitchen stores. To make it easier for you, I created two curated “science kitchen shops” below – one for the US and one for the UK.

I couldn’t find entirely the same items in the American or UK Amazon stores, but found ten in each that will make a good start to your science kitchen. Please note that the links below and elsewhere in this post are affiliate links.

Enjoy cooking in your new science kitchen!


Science lab kitchen shopping in the US:


Science lab kitchen shopping in the UK:


Ideas to make your kitchen look like a science lab. You probably already have some of these kitchen items!




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