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New newsletter – science, books and more.

by Eva Amsen

Easternblot is getting its very own monthly newsletter! The first issue will go out this Thursday, so it’s not too late to sign up and be among the very first to get it in your inbox. This monthly newsletter will highlight two posts from the site (in case you didn’t manage to keep up with all the new content), a science book recommendation, and several interesting links from all across the web.

Want a spoiler for this first issue? Here’s a line from the “interesting links” section. Want more? Sign up now and get it in your inbox on Thursday!

“A former physicist pursued his dream career by opening an artisanal bakery in North London.”


Other newsletters

Musicians & Scientists

Many of you are already subscribed to the “Musicians & Scientists Quarterly”, which comes out four times per year with lots of original content and curated links about music and science. And you might be wondering, what about that newsletter? It still continues! If you want to subscribe to both monthly newsletter AND the Musicians and Scientists newsletter, you can now subscribe to both in the same place. (If you’re already on the musisci list and want to receive the new monthly newsletter, let me know and I’ll consolidate your subscriptions.)

Weekly notifications of new posts

Finally, if you don’t want any curated newsletters but just want a weekly email with links to the latest posts, you can also chose to receive automated weekly updates. Some of you will have received this very post through that weekly email, so you know what I’m talking about. Thanks for being a regular reader!


Don’t miss out on the new newsletter!

So, to summarize, there are three easternblot newsletters. They’re all different. Two of them are already live, but the newest one is very cool and will come out for the first time on Thursday. Sign up right here:

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