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Science Christmas cards, books, and more

by Eva Amsen

Christmas is edging ever closer, and you think you still have lots of time to prepare, but remember all the previous times you thought that? You did not have time. You sent emails instead of cards. You had to brave the masses to go to a store on December 23rd to get everything in time. And to make matters worse, you had no time to go looking for fun geeky science cards or science Christmas decorations.

Don’t worry! I have done the work for you. Here is a selection of science cards, books, decorations, clothes and more. In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that some of the links to external sites are affiliate links. That means that if you end up buying something from those websites, I get a small commission, at no extra cost to you or the creator of the product. ‘Tis the season of sharing.

Not into Christmas? Then let me remind you that you have even less time left to buy Hanukkah or Festivus cards, so scroll all the way to the bottom to find some science-themed ones.


Science Christmas cards

Let’s start with the cards, because you need those first, given how slow the mail can get over the holidays. Who’s on your list? Your science-loving sister? Your friends from your undergrad physics classes? Your grandmother who can’t stop talking about her days working in a lab with real glassware in the pre-computer era? These cards are perfect for them.

Chemistree science Christmas card - ErrantScience

Chemistree Christmas card – ErrantScience


12 Days of Geeky Christmas - NewtonAndTheApple

12 Days of Geeky Christmas – NewtonAndTheApple

Christmas Tardigrade - pixbyrichardChristmas tardigrade – pixbyrichard


Christmas card molecule - MolecularAlphabet

Christmas card molecules – Molecular Alphabet


Science Christmas books

These science-themed Christmas books would make good presents, or buy them to smarten up your holiday parties. Then, when you get into inevitable mulled wine-fuelled discussions about whether or not we can prove Santa Claus exists, or how his reindeer could possibly fly, or which scientists have given Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, you’ve got your reference material right there. Or just read them before the party starts and impress your colleagues with Christmas science facts.


The indisputable existence of Santa Claus – Dr Hannah Fry & Dr Thomas Oléron Evans


13 Journeys through space and time: Christmas lectures from the Royal Institution – Colin Stuart


11 Explorations into life on Earth: Christmas lectures from the Royal Institution – Helen Scales


Can reindeer fly? – Rodger Highfield


Science Christmas jumpers and shirts

Your regular science-themed things won’t do this season. You need special science Christmas jumpers and other science-themed geeky shirts. Here are a few you might like:


Chemically accurate snowman Christmas jumper – ErrantScience


Newtonmas shirt – HereticWear

(Newton’s birthday is on December 25th!)


Joy to the Universe – littleclyde


Science Christmas ornaments and decoration

But cards, books and shirts alone don’t make your Christmas science-y enough. You need ornaments! Decorations! How about some of these?

Microbe Christmas ornaments – Giant Microbes


Christmas tree crystal growing kit
See it in action here!


Christmas molecule glass baubles – Fly & Scope

Ho Ho Ho mug - graphix

Ho Ho Ho periodic table Christmas mug – graphix


BONUS: Science Hanukkah/Festivus Cards

Not everyone wants a science-themed Christmas, because not everyone celebrates Christmas. The science theme is non-negotiable. That’s why I also found a science Hanukkah card and a science Festivus card.

Science Hanukkah

Hanukkah molecule card – The ChemistTree


Periodic table Festivus card – the Bird + the Beard



Happy Science Holidays!

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