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13 Science Halloween items on RedBubble

by Eva Amsen

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post. This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

RedBubble has an expertly curated Halloween collection with beautiful pumpkins, cat and skull art. I’m going to dig a bit deeper into their Halloween assortment, and look at science items specifically. I managed to find 13 items that are spookily scientific and scientifically spooky.


The Halloween science trope

The Venn diagram of science and Halloween only slightly overlaps, and when it does, it can be difficult to avoid the “mad scientist” trope.

This axolotl in a lab coat is in the stereotypical mad scientist style. Look at him throw his head back in maniacal laughter!

Axolotl scientist - Redbubble

Axolotl scientist sticker by Andrea Sutinen

In a similar vein, there’s this card of a salamander in a beaker of eyeballs, and this tote bag with the radioactive warning label. They make research labs seem like a terrifying place.

Beaker eyeballs - Redbubble

200mL of eyeballs. Card by Kotien.

radioactive tote bag

Radioactive tote bag, by emphatic

The Halloween version of science labs are often more science fiction than science. They’re inspired by Frankenstein and Rocky Horror Picture Show. “Come up to the lab and see what’s on the slab.” It’s not the most realistic portrayal of science.

There’s nothing scary about scientists, of course. They don’t look like wild-haired mad scientists. They just look like regular people. So one of these shirts would make a much more realistic scientist outfit for Halloween.

Physicist science Halloween costume

Physicist costume, by wordsonthou


You can't scare me, I'm a research scientist

You can’t scare me, I’m a research scientist, by wantneedlove


Halloween science jokes

Another science Halloween twist is the “spooky science jokes” genre. Some of these aren’t specific to Halloween. Your baby would always look great in this Schroedinger’s Cat DEAD/ALIVE outfit:

Schroedinger's cat baby shirt

Schroedinger’s cat baby shirt, by Chilly00

And which physicist wouldn’t want a spooky action at a distance laptop sticker?

Spooky action at a distance

Spooky action at a distance. Laptop sleeve by kangkoeng

Statisticians, meanwhile, can get this paranormal distribution shirt:

Paranormal distribution

Paranormal distribution, by tshirtfandom

The periodic table is always an easy fallback option for chemistry humour. Did you know that the elements of Halloween are Iron (Fe) and Argon (Ar)?

Elements of Halloween

Elements of Halloween shirt, by Anna0908


Anatomically correct bats for Halloween

For something a bit more gothic and classy, we turn to biology, history and art for some anatomically correct bats.

This bat skeleton T-shirt uses a scientific illustration from 1874, originally by Sir Charles Bell.

Bat skeleton T-shirt

Bat skeleton T-shirt, by Royanne1320, based on an illustration by Charles Bell.

And this tote bag has a collection of bat images drawn by the famous biologist and scientific illustrator Ernst Haeckel.

Haeckel bat tote bag

Bat tote bag, by monsterplanet, based on an illustration by Ernst Haeckel

Other science Halloween items on Redbubble

The number pi is often associated with math and science, but it’s really just a number. It’s great material for pi/pie puns, of course, and what would Halloween be without this pumpkin pi pouch?

Pumkin pi pouch

Pumkin pi pouch, by Cloud9hopper

Finally, if chemistry is more your thing, this chemistry of blood poster would look great as a science Halloween party decoration.

Chemistry of blood

Chemistry of blood poster, by Compound Interest

However you’re celebrating Halloween, you have no excuse now not to add a little science to the spooky mix!

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