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Science gift guide for Christmas (or other holidays)

by Eva Amsen

It’s just over a month until Christmas, so it’s about the time most of us are starting to think about what gifts to buy friends and family. If you’ve got any science fans on your list, here are a few science gift ideas for them. Please note that some of these links are affiliate links, which means that I receive a small reward if you make a purchase through that link.


Science stationery & office supplies

These really cute science notecards are customizable: You can choose your own text to appear in the test tubes and the bottom of the flask, and they’re available in 3 different colours.Scientist stationeryDesign by Tanya Nipat

A biology and chemistry themed notebook – for lab notes or other great ideas.
Biology and Chemistyr notebookDesign by merionmerion

Science books

She has her mother’s laugh, by Carl Zimmer, would make a perfect gift for anyone interested in the science behind ancestry testing or genetic heredity.

Should all scientific theories necessarily be beautiful and elegant? In Lost in math, Sabine Hossenfelder questions this idea.

Science stickers

A pleasingly accurate DNA helix sticker, for your molecular biology friends who are always complaining about how wrong DNA looks in ads and cartoons.
DNA helix stickerDesign by andilynnf

And for fans of neuroscience, a neuron sticker!
Design by Maya Foster

Science bags and pouches

If your pens and USB sticks and other small gadgets are always getting lost in your bag, this pouch will hold them together. It comes in different sizes. The larger ones even fit notebooks.
Design by the Vexed Muddler

A stylish tote bag with some of the great women of science. With this bag you can start an impromptu science history lesson about Ada Lovelace or Rosalind Franklin wherever you go.
Design by geeksweetie

Science art for your wall

This original watercolour painting of amacrine cells would look good in the office of anyone working on the neuroscience of the eye. If that’s too specific for anyone on your Christmas list, this Etsy shop has a lot of other original science-themed art work.
Original art by Artologica

The Periodic Table’s classic design is not only a useful method to classify all the elements – and successfully predict new ones – but it also looks very stylish. This one comes with a choice of several different frames, but you can also get it without frame, or on a canvas.
Design by Marabou Design (and Mendeleev)

Science enamel pins

For the molecular biologist on your list: A Cas9 pin in blue and turquoise.
Design by Two Photon Art

This Scientist pin is a fun gift for *any* (future) scientist. The same shop also sells pins with more specific job titles.
Design by Science on a Postcard

Science toys

This lemon clock kit works really well and is fun to play with. Here’s a blog post and video of me trying it out earlier this year.

Yellow Scope produces chemistry kits designed for girls, but in this case that says nothing about the colour! It’s a kit with more creative and open-ended experiments than standard chemistry kits.

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