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Making science art in Sims 4

by Eva Amsen

I finally downloaded the Sims 4, after I found it on sale a few weeks ago. I only got the base game, even though I obviously want the “Get To Work” expansion pack where you can become a scientist. (And the pets expansion where you can have a raccoon, and the one where you get to live in a city instead of a suburb…)

Even with only the Sims 4 base game, you can do a decent amount of scientific discovery. You can grow your own plants, research them and make microscope slides. You can put an observatory in your backyard,  discover fossils, or even have a rocket!

Most fun of all, though, is that you can create science art to decorate your Sims’ home.  This is what I’ve discovered so far.

Microscope prints

The microscope in the Sims 4 is gigantic and way over the top, but it does create some beautiful science art if you use the microscope regularly, or analyse plant, crystal or fossil samples.

Sims 4 microscope

Space prints

When using the Observatory to stargaze, observe the sky or “Search for the Truth”, you can get an image of the night sky to decorate your Sims’ home.

Sims 4 space print

Mathematical diagram

If a Sim is feeling “Focused” (for example after using the Observatory, they briefly have the ability to make a “mathematical” diagram using their easel.

Sims 4 mathematical diagram

Element display

If you find metals and crystals in the game, your Sim can have them analysed by the Geo Council, who will then send your Sim an element in the mail that they can display in an element display rack that vaguely resembles the periodic table.

Sims 4 element display

I’m not sure I’ve found all the ways to create science art in Sims 4, so please let me know if there is another way.

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