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Whatever happened to MusiSci?

by Eva Amsen

It’s been two years, but I’m back here with an update.

I have been sending out a regular and consistent newsletter via Substack, called Mixture. The best way to get Mixture is to subscribe directly or to follow me on Mastodon. Twitter is making it impossible to share Substack links these days so one of the purposes of this post is to trick Twitter into sharing the links with you. The other is to just remind you that I’m no longer here, I’m mainly on Mixture.

While most issues of Mixture are casual and lighthearted links and snippets about the general overlap between science and the arts, I occasionally add some longer content for my paid subscribers. In the latest long update I made the entire first half freely available so that I could share in a bit more detail why I seemed to have stopped focusing on the topic of scientists/musicians. Hopefully it gives some insight into what I’ve been doing behind the scenes for the last 15 years.

Here’s a snippet:

“Overall, the story of musical scientists is a story of privilege. It’s why the audience is overly narrow, why I lost interest once I moved further from that audience, why there is no conflict in the narrative and why everything became so boringly academic once I scratched under the surface.

Read the rest of it on Mixture.

Photo by John Matychuk on Unsplash

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