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Where on the web am I now?

by Eva Amsen

If you’re still diligently checking easternblot.net or using RSS readers like the good old days, you might have thought I disappeared from the web. Not true! I’m just not here. I’m also no longer very active on Twitter (or whatever the weird billionaire wants to call it) but here are a few places where I’m either very consistent or experimenting with content.

Mixture has become the place that replaces easternblot.net

Substack (email and online). My Mixture Substack is essentially the replacement for this site. If you subscribe for free via Substack you can get new posts in your inbox every two weeks. Paid subscribers also have access to the entire archive and some bonus posts.

TikTok. No, I don’t dance. I’m currently exploring how best to use it and I think it will be my place to talk about the “behind the scenes” of science writing.

Mastodon. This has become my main Twitter replacement I think.

Bluesky. I’m there because a lot of scientists are there and I want to keep up with what’s going on.

Threads. I have a slightly different audience there than on other platforms and the algorithm is getting pretty good.

When I remember I also update LinkedIn or Facebook so those are worth a follow if you’re on those platforms.

Within the next few months I have some exciting projects coming out that are fully in the vibe of easternblot.net so make sure to follow me on your favourite platforms!

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