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Besides her writing on easternblot.net, Eva has written for other online and print publications. Below is a selection of various contributions to books, websites and magazines. These are roughly about science & art, green and/or urban living, science travel, science communication, science of daily life, science behind fictional stories, or education.

How we got from Doc Brown to Walter White – Nautilus (December 22, 2016) [link]

Music of the Spheres – The Finch and Pea (February 16, 2016) [link]

Life After Sequencing – The Scientist (February 1, 2016) [link]

Book review: The Undersea Network – Hakai Magazine (May 1, 2015) [link]

Whatever happened to Francis Crick? – LadyBits on PopSci (May 9, 2014)

Selection of posts written for The Finch and Pea,  about science travel. [link to all my posts]

  • The dark side of the moon [link]
  • The Hunterian Museum [link]
  • You can take the yak out of Tibet… [link]
  • Great Barrier Reef [link]
  • La Brea Tar Pits [link]

Profile of Caroline Herschel for Science Soup. [link]

Make History, not Vitamin C – The Best Science Writing Online 2012 (September 2012) [book on Amazon, read submission]

Leaving the Lab: Career Development for Developmental Biologists – Development (October 1, 2011) [link]

Primitive Streak – a fashion exhibit and website – the Node (February 23, 2011) [link]

One Night in an Earth Ship – WorldChanging Canada (October 6, 2010) [link]

Phenologs and unlikely models – the Node (September 1, 2010) [link] [Editor’s pick on ResearchBlogging]

Soaking up eastern blots – Chemistry World, The last retort (March 2010) [link (subscription required)] (on the use of “eastern blot” as name for all kinds of derivate western blot techniques)

“Citizen science” illustration: Jeremy Kai

Citizen Scientists – Spacing Magazine, Winter 2009-2010 issue (theme: urban wildlife)

Openness is in the house – Spacing Magazine, Summer 2009 issue (theme: grey spaces) (article about Hart House)

Unexpected treasure – LabLit (March 29, 2009) [link]

Fake n bake From a Bottle – CRAM Science (July 29, 2008) [link]

How can OpenCourseWare improve teaching? Lessons learned from MIT – The Bulletin (May 13 2008) [link]

Facts Behind the Fiction for Season 4 of ReGenesis – Ontario Genomics Institute (March-May 2008)

  • Episode 1 – Can tuberculosis be resistant to drug treatment?
  • Episode 2 – Can a fungus trigger insensitivity to pain?
  • Episode 3 – Is it possible to combine four strains of hepatitis virus into one “super-strain” using cell cultures and/or mice?
  • Episode 4 – Can you get PML from a dog cytomegalovirus?
  • Episode 5 – Is it possible to trap the hepatitis C virus with engineered red blood cells?
  • Episode 6 – Are there health risks from space junk or satellites reentering the atmosphere?
  • Episode 7 – Can a drug that lowers immune response put someone at higher risk to develop the symptoms of Chagas disease? 
  • Episode 8 – Can crows become violent from a diet of copper sulfate-laced cicadas?
  • Episode 9 – Is it possible to mutate the measles virus?
  • Episode 10 – Can cord blood from a half-sibling be used to treat aplastic anemia?
  • Episode 11 – Is it possible to add DNA from a prehistoric cat to the cheetah genome?
  • Episode 12 – Is it possible to clone humans?
  • Episode 13 – Can a flu epidemic reactivate fossil viruses?

What is a Crystal? – CRAM Science (January 15, 2008) [link]

Piercings – What’s Behind This Age-Old phenomenon? – CRAM Science (January 6, 2008) [link]

Air Quality Health Index Brings a Breath of Fresh Air – Spacing Magazine, Fall 2007 issue (theme: environment)

Do Biodegradable Bags Make Disposable Ones OK? – Inkling Magazine (April 25, 2007)

Fair Enough? Balanced considerations for future science-fair organisers – Science in School, Issue 4, March 2007, page 38-41 [link]

Science Bloggers Avoid the Spinach Dip Brush-Off – Inkling Magazine (January 24, 2007)

Stem Cells, On Stage – The Scientist news online (January 12, 2007) [link]

Coffee: Friend or Foe? – Inkling Magazine (December 26, 2006)

Tick-tock Goes Our Clock – The Varsity (October 31, 2006)

Who Benefits From Science Blogging? – Hypothesis, Vol. 4 Issue 2, October 2006, p. 10-14 [link]

Revealing Research’s Secrets On Stage – The Scientist news online (July 28, 2006) [link]