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Guidelines for guest bloggers

by Eva Amsen

Easternblot.net is now open to guest bloggers! We’re looking for posts that fit within the themes of easternblot.net, and broadly cover topics on the intersection of science and culture or daily life. Please have a look at the recent content on the site, and the list of suggested topics below, to get an idea of what we’re looking for.


Who can be a guest blogger?

We do not have a budget to pay guest bloggers, unfortunately, but allow you to link to your own site from within your post or author bio.  This opportunity would be particularly useful for scientists who want to learn the basics of using Wordpress to write a blog post, for people who want to start writing about science & society/culture/life/art topics, and for other bloggers interested in using this as an opportunity to expand their audience. That can include blogs about topics beyond science, as long as you can write a science-themed post for easternblot.net.


Topics for guest posts

Some ideas that would work well for easternblot.net:

  • Science travel posts: Write about a science or nature museum in your area, or a site of scientific interest.
  • Examples of using art in science communication. Have you been  involved with this as a scientist or artist? Or have you come across a project that caught your eye?
  • Do you have any favourite shows, films or books about science or scientists? Why did you like them? (Please no rants about all the bad science in films and on TV. Look for the surprising and unexpected places where science makes an appearance on screen or on the page.)
  • Have you seen any great examples of science incorporated in visual arts or design? What makes them great?
  • Have you moved to a different country for your science career? What are some things you noticed that are different from your home country?

If you have already written something on these topics, feel free to adapt them into a new post for easternblot. Do not use the exact same text, though. You can write a new intro and a blockquote though, like in this example.


How to pitch a guest post idea

Please do not send a fully written post, but use the contact form to email us a short idea of what you would like to write. If we like the idea, we’ll get back to you with some more guidelines and instructions.