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Privacy policy

by Eva Amsen

This page describes how we handle any personal data you may provide us with. It covers your use of easternblot.net, the Monthly Picks email, the Musicians & Scientists Quarterly newsletter, and sales of the From Science to SciComm workbook.

What type of data do we hold on you?

Some of your interaction with elements of this site may require you to enter your name and email address. For example, this happens in the following instances:

  • You leave a comment on a blog post (check here whether you have left a comment in the past)
  • You sign up for the mailing list
  • You fill in the contact form

This is the only personal data we hold on you. If you just visit the site, some data is sent to Google Analytics, but none of that includes personally identifiable information. We are not tracking your full IP address, so this is no longer personally identifiable. If you’re outside of the EU, Google AdSense also receives your information, to display targeted ads relevant to you. We do not hold that information (only Google Adsense does). Visitors from the EU see only non-targeted ads.

How we use your data

If you leave a comment on the site, use the contact form, or sign up for a newsletter, we have access to the information you submitted. We only use this information for the purpose of your interaction with the site. You will not be added to the mailing list unless you signed up for the mailing list. We do not pass on personal  information to third parties.

How we protect your data

We monitor and protect our website security using Wordpress plugins. If there is a risk of your data being breached, we will notify you as soon as possible.

Where your data is held

Most of the data we have on you is held by third party processors, as described below. We do not download email lists from newsletter providers, so they are only held there.
We do have your name and email address if you leave a comment. This information is only collected to help us identify regular commenters and to prevent comment abuse.

Third party processors

We use several third party data processors to handle your information. Depending on how you use the site, not all of these apply to you.

  • Our webhost – We use a third party web-host based in the USA. As of May 2018 we are planning to switch to a different web host but this same description will likely apply.
  • Google Analytics – tracks all site visitors, but does not receive personal data.
  • Google Adsense – serves ads that are shown on the site. Users based in the EU only see non-personalised ads.
  • Affiliates – If you follow a link from our site through one of our affiliates and proceed to make a purchase there, the affiliate partners will track your behaviour to see whether this site referred any customers. You can read more on the affiliate disclaimer page. Any posts that contain affiliate links are clearly marked in accordance with advertising standards.
  • Mailchimp or Substack – sends newsletters that you opt in for
  • Payhip – for the sale of digital workbooks
  • Stripe – payment choice for digital workbook sales
  • Paypal – payment choice for digital workbook sales

To the best of our knowledge, all these companies are themselves GDPR compliant.

Contact us

If you have questions about the data we hold on you, you can contact us. Filling in the contact form sends your email directly to our email inbox.