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Announcing SciBarCamp in Toronto

by Eva Amsen

I mentioned that I would be busy these months. One of my projects is this: I’m one of the organizers for SciBarCamp, which seems to be growing into a wonderful event!

As the name suggests, it’s inspired somewhat by SciFoo (For etymology and history, see here). The idea for a Toronto-based meeting of scientists, technologists, and artists had been lingering in several people’s brains for a while, and after we all got together and started seriously thinking about the details we’re now are all set up with a website and already half filled up with lots of interesting participants.

The attendees come from a wide range of backgrounds, but all have an interest in science and where science is going. We started out by sending invitations to people we knew would be interested, and for me the best part of organizing this event so far has been hearing people’s reactions. Even the people who can’t make it are overflowing with praise and suggestions. The second best part is finding out who we all know. Person A says “we should invite so and so” only to discover that Person B had already thought of “so and so” or that they have worked with “so and so” and agree that they would make a welcome guest. That means that there is already a network of interdisciplinary science-minded people in the Greater Toronto Area, and basically, all we’re doing is getting everyone together.

If you’re in the area, signup information is on the website. We’re especially hoping to get some more scientists and artists signed up at this moment. Out of town guests are welcome too!

Other than me the SciBarCamp organizers are Jen Dodd, Jamie McQuay, Karl Schroeder, Michael Nielsen, and Lee Smolin.

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