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News and updates! Spring 2014

by Eva Amsen

Since I’ve been quiet on here for a while, here’s an update on things I’ve done/written, and then we’ve got all the self-promotion out of the way for a while. But first, something I’m going to do this week!

Story Collider
I’ll be telling a story spanning a few years of high school and undergrad at this week’s Story Collider in London (Wednesday night at The Book Club). Story Collider is an amazing show and podcast where people tell personal stories about science. The speakers come from all walks of life, but all stories are somehow related to science. To attend the London event, you can buy a ticket for only £5. If you can’t go to this event but still want to give them money, no problem: Here’s their Patreon page, and here is a list of shows elsewhere in the world.

octopusThe Finch and Pea
I’ve written many posts since the Yellowstone post I last linked from here. Some of these even contain info about trips I recently went on: the Duke Lemur Center and the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I also wrote about Gallifrey and about the dark side of the moon – that last one was probably my favourite post I’ve done this year. In general, if you want to know about my travels – real or imaginary or on the wish list – you should read The Finch and Pea.

I spoke about open science publishing at the Cambridge Science Festival and at an event for Spanish researchers in the UK last month, and I co-hosted a meetup in Cambridge. Phew! I was also sick with mono (glandular fever) for all of these, and they took up all my energy, but were well worth it. Great people at all three events!

Science Online
I was at Science Online for the first time since 2009. Caught up with some people I hadn’t seen since then, and with some I only met online, and with new people, and people I see quite regularly but still never enough. Launched MySciCareer. Talked about science careers and about publishing and listened to lots of interesting people talk about lots of interesting other things. I dressed as a Tardis for the Intergalactic dinner and won dinosaur cookie cutters in the costume contest. Nevertheless, it was a bit weird. I have many thoughts about many things related to the community and conference, and this is not the place/time to hash them all out.



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